Robin Cotter

Tae Bo became a huge part of Robin Cotter’s life in 1999. After having a baby and at 250 lbs, Robin was looking for a way to lose weight. She heard about Tae Bo classes taking place in Swampscott, MA and decided to try it. After the first 5 minutes of taking class she knew she wanted to become an instructor. She lost 100 lbs in the first six months and kept going from there. After years of training under a great Sensei and teacher she proved herself and made her way on to the platform in 2003. She became a certified Tae Bo instructor after training with Billy Blanks in Sherman Oaks, CA in 2005. She has been teaching Cardio Kickboxing since 2007 at Paradise Gym and takes pride in her well earned reputation.

Joe DeSimone

Joe DeSimone is a certified and degreed Personal Trainer currently training a variety of clients from the North Shore. He graduated from Salem State University in 2008 with a B.S. in Sport Movement Science. He exclusively Trains at DeSimone Fitness inside the Rams Athletic Complex located in North Reading MA, and at Paradise Gym in Swampscott MA. Joe works with all levels of clients from beginner to experienced educating and motivating them to be their best inside and outside of the gym. He inspires us to believe that we can achieve any fitness challenge that we set our minds to. When Joe is not working with clients he is constantly trying to improve his own fitness levels. It is his goal to provide the highest quality of service to all of his clients and to make sure that they are 100% satisfied with the services he provides. He is enthusiastic and keeps the exercises fun, exciting, and challenging. He uses education and inspiration with his clients to achieve greatness and success with their fitness program. For more information about Joe and his other services he provides, please visit

Sharon Gold

Sharon has been in the fitness industry for over twenty years. She has taught many styles including Dance, Pilates, Personal Training, Spin and Core Spin. Sharon feels that each client or student is a new challenge.  She creates an encouraging and challenging training environment that everyone enjoys.  Her focus is on the “core,” light weights and having fun! Incorporating this into your cardio workout is the key to success and maintaining overall health.

Core Spin: Ditch the routine and join the “Party in Paradise.” It’s a total workout. Come and join us!

Amy Livermore

Amy Livermore has been in teaching and training for over 15 years. Her passion has always been finding or creating the newest and most effective forms of Group Exercise. Amy believes that each class is a gift you give to your yourself. In our busy lives carving an hour out isnt easy so get the most out of it! Amy is an ACSM certified trainer. AFFA group certified instructor, Johnny G certified spin instructor, Piloxing certified instructor, and most recently a certified P90X master trainer.

Terri Miller

Terri is a 17-year veteran of teaching Spin. If you’ve never experienced one of her classes, it’s a must! She is a DJ and mix-master for Spin and Kickboxing classes. Her music is always current, fun and exciting. Terri is an entertainment and recruiting professional in the fitness industry (statement followed by a sinister laugh). She is also a FRA certified Personal Trainer. When she is not teaching classes, you can always find her working out in the gym or taking class from one of her fellow instructors.

Heidi Mora

Heidi brings to her Kickboxing classes a power and presence that encourages you to push yourself to the limit. With her heart-pounding music she brings you through a combination of punches and kicks that leave you wanting more. Her 20 years of teaching experience and certifications in Tae Bo, Spin, Personal Training, BOSU ball and TRX allow her to develop a workout program that is second to none.

Sarah McCormack

Sarah is certified in Zumba, P.A.C.E, Spin/Cycle, TRX, Yoga, Kids Yoga, Piloxing and Body Pump and has been teaching in the fitness industry since graduating from college.  She won’t say exactly how long that is, but now she has kids in college! Sarah works hard to stay updated with all of her certifications and blends all of her teachings together with her personal life experiences and challenges (she has plenty of them with her four children), to create a fun, powerful and spiritual workout for all of her students.

Rachel Richards

Rachel credits her confidence and strength to years of Martial Arts training, and brings that passion and energy level to her Cardio Kickboxing classes. In addition to building a dedicated following with her intense Cardio Kickboxing classes, Rachel has created a unique and incredible muscle conditioning workout, and also teaches a fun yet intense Spin class. Rachel’s extensive repertoire and experience not only allows her to apply different methods for her students’ fitness goals, but she often is called to modify exercises on the fly, adapting to particular students fitness levels. Rachel’s strong martial arts background, passion for fitness, high energy level and “outside the box” training will keep you motivated.

AFAA Group Exercise
Schwinn Indoor Cycling
TRX Suspension Training

Kelly Piperidis

Kelly’s energetic and enthusiastic personality makes training on any level fun and challenging. She brings to her job over 10 years of teaching TaeBo, Spin, Muscle Conditioning, and Personal Training.  She works with all fitness levels and specializes in strength training. Her fitness goal is to inspire changes both physically and mentally to all individuals she comes in contact with. Share in Kelly’s energy and you can accomplish any task you set before yourself. It is our mission here at Paradise Gym to help everyone who is part of our gym family make lifestyle changes that make you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself nothing can stop you.

Patricia Pilon

Patricia graduated from the New England School of Whole Health Education. She believes that fitness is a combination of the physical, emotional and spiritual. One must also take care of their body and should through exercise and good eating habits. To Patricia, exercise is our medicine.

Melissa Rowe Sherwood

Melissa is a native of Swampscott where she ran track/field and graduated from SHS. Certified as an AFAA group exercise instructor & personal trainer, Melissa enjoys teaching Core Spin classes, Power Circuit Interval workouts & working one on one with clients. Melissa’s motivation as fitness professional has always been to deliver the highest quality workout in the time she is allotted with a class or individual.

In addition, to her role as a fitness professional , Melissa is the mother of two daughters & National Direct Sales Director for NUX, an innovative line of active & lifestyle wear designed & manufactured in Los Angeles.