“We all acknowledge that there are many quality gyms in the North Shore, but what distinguishes Paradise Gym from the rest is the personal attention given by the staff along with the cleanliness and unlimited amount of equipment at a member’s availability. It is a gym whose members and employees consistently look for ways of improvement and are always available for any advice a member should seek. The second you walk in, you can feel right away the positive energy along with that “at home” feeling. For anyone looking for a gym to join, you can’t do better than Paradise Gym.” -John Kopoulos

“Paradise Gym is one of the best gyms around. It is not just a place to go and workout, it is a gym that has a family atmosphere. Everyone from the staff to the other gym members are so nice and friendly, you always feel welcome. My main workout addiction was Kickboxing, I have been doing it for approximately 15 years. (They have the best instructors!) Now my new addiction is Boot Camp. I started doing Joe DeSimone’s Boot Camp workout in March of 2012 with my two daughters, and after the first session we were hooked. My husband started the session after us and has continued ever since and now it is something that my whole family enjoys doing together. It is amazing how great you feel, I cannot believe the difference it has made. Joe keeps the workouts fun and exciting and no two workouts are ever the same. I feel so much stronger than ever before. I have progressed to a whole new fitness level. Thank you Joe! And thank you to Kelly and the whole staff for making Paradise feel like home.” -Dawn Maitland

“Our experience at Paradise Gym as been nothing short of fantastic. The staff is very welcoming from the moment you arrive. We are part of the “early morning crew” and without fail; we are always greeted with smile. One of the benefits of Paradise Gym is they offer a variety of exercise classes with a variety of instructors; each one bringing a different style and technique creating a distinct and never lackluster experience. On those days when you don’t want to take a class, there is plenty of “state of the art” equipment that will offer a complete workout to achieve your personal goals. When the owners of Paradise Gym and their family members are always participating in the class offerings and working out regularly at the gym, you can be assured that they are committed to providing a positive experience each time you enter the gym.” -The Careys